Coronavirus (Covid 19)


Friday 3rd July 2020,

Dear Haslemere Hall Friends and Members,

We do hope that this finds you well and keeping busy and enjoying new hobbies that you have learned during the past few months.

We have been trying to get a newsletter out to you for a while but there have been so many updates and changes recently that we wanted to ensure that we got the right information out to you.

Whilst cinemas can now open again from this weekend, the issue we picture houses all have is that there are currently no new releases available as most of the films were held back from release until later on this year. As reported in our last newsletter, Haslemere Hall couldn’t reopen within the realms of a two metre social distancing rule as we just could not supply sufficient seats to make the screening viable. With the new social distancing rules in place however, we can now reveal what our seating plan will look like:

Downstairs in the auditorium we will have 120 stalled seating. These will consist of 10 rows, each with 12 seats in. Each row will consist of a block of 3 seats followed by 3 pairs of seats and then another block of 3 seats on the far side. There will be no tiered seating until the social distancing becomes a thing of the past. There will also be 30 seats available in the balcony.

Our plan and subject to availability, is to start showing films again from the week commencing 17th August – however we are still looking at what is available and we also need to increase our volunteers for each of our performances and we also need to speak to our volunteers to find out if they are willing and happy to be back and will need to give new training to them all as the “usual” way of working will have changed.

We will be able to open our bar and serve sweets and ice creams from there. We will no longer be serving coffees and teas until further notice. We would plan to open 45 minutes prior to the start of each performance to allow everyone to come in and order their drinks for the interval and pay by card and then all drinks will need to be consumed sitting in the seats rather than in the Annexe. We will restrict numbers in the Annexe to ensure everyone is social distanced and at the end of each performance, customers will be guided row by row to ensure a safe and uncrowded exit.

Currently and since the lock down began, our only supporters who were able to continue during this time, are the NHS team of doctors and nurses, who continue with their much needed blood donating sessions.

We are also the home of the brand new The Haslemere Community Store every Monday and Thursday, which has been set up to help people who have been thrown into financial difficulty due to coronavirus. This initiative has been set up and operated entirely by volunteers and recognises social distancing. If you, or you know anyone who needs any help with supplying groceries at this time please do not hesitate to contact the Haslemere Community Store on 07873 383954 or email

We have applied to Waverley Council for planning permission to allow us to replace our old signage with new ones featuring our new logo. These are non illuminated signs and will certainly brighten and kick the Hall into the 21st century. We look forward to having these very soon and also it will help to “relaunch” Haslemere Hall when it is safe for us to do so.

What happens going forward? – Well firstly we would like to say thank you for all your supportive emails, telephone calls and also your very kind financial donations towards the Hall. After last years generous donations towards our Spend A Penny appeal to improve the toilets, we felt that we couldn’t ask for anything further from our generous Members, so it has been really special to receive these kind gestures. Thank you all so much.

Below is an update of where we are with screenings. The important one to note which is a change from last month is that the Haslemere Players have made a second postponement to Legally Blonde and this is now going to be shown in March 2021. An email has gone out regarding this to all customers who had either booked for March 2020 or October 2020.

Satellite Showings:
Fidelio which was due to be screened on the 18th March will be shown at a later date. All bookings will be transferred to the new date when we have this and all will be advised.
Swan Lake which was due to be screened on the 1st April will be shown at a later date. All bookings will be transferred to the new date when we have this and all will be advised.
Jonas Kaufmann – My Vienna was due to be screened on the 8th April and this has now been transferred to 15th September. All bookings have been moved to this new date and all customers informed.
David Attenborough which was due to be screened this evening on 16th April, is hoping to be shown at a later date. All bookings will be transferred to the new date when we have this and all will be advised.
Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci which was due to be screened on the 22nd April will be shown at a later date. All bookings will be transferred to the new date when we have this and all will be advised.
Andre Rieu has been cancelled for August 1st, so now we are just waiting for confirmation for his confirmed December concert dates so that we can rearrange customer bookings.

Emma was due for screening on the 31st March, the 2nd and 7th April. We are planning to bring this to the screen when we can open in full which may not be until the Autumn. Again we have advised each and every booking and we will do the same again when we have the confirmed new dates.

With regards to shows and concerts, we have informed all bookings of the new dates and the fact that any tickets will be valid for the new dates that have been given. If customers can not make the new planned dates then we have have changed them over to a different date without any additional costs to themselves.

Haslemere Players – Legally Blonde which was just a week away from going on stage will now be performed from 23rd – 27th March 2021.
Haslemere Thespians – Nell Gwynn which had all been blocked and was in full rehearsal flair is now coming from 1 – 3 October
Philip O’Brien and Friends have rescheduled from 2nd May 2020 to 24th April 2021.
Andy Fairweather Low has now been postponed from June 13th to April next year and tickets can still be purchased on the website. Anyone with a booking will have been contacted directly by us and advised of the new arrangement.
Eddi Reader has now been postponed from October 2020 to October 3rd 2021.

Our lovely friends at Kids’ Symphonic Sundays have new dates for the autumn. If you cant wait until then please follow them on their YouTube channel

Whist the Hall isn’t open and most of the team are furloughed at home, we are still here from Monday to Friday at adhoc times, catching up with correspondence, answering the phone, updating bookings, keeping people informed and ensuring we handle everything safely and at a distance but keeping everyone updated and informed.

There is no programme to bring you at this time apart from what we have on our website which is a list of all the above. Therefore we will not be sending you anything via post for these months.

If your Membership is due to expire we will contact you by email or phone and advise you, however we do appreciate that you may not want to pay at this time whilst nothing is showing and we do understand however we are grateful for any help that we can receive.

We love what we do here and look forward to seeing you loving what we have done very soon. If you have any questions regarding anything then please do let us know by email to and we will do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Take care, stay safe and thank you all for your support and see you when we can. If anyone needs anything then please let us know and we will see if we can help you.Howard and us all at Haslemere Hall


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