Tue 7th, Wed 8th & Thurs 9th October 8pm

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Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth star in an intriguing amnesia thriller with an extraordinary twist! Each morning, Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman) awakes with no memory. She thinks she’s 27, but she’s actually 40. Her patient husband, Ben (Colin Firth), explains that this is the result of a traumatic accident. She stores up information each day, but by the following morning it has been erased. Doctor Nash (Mark Strong) reveals that he has been working with Christine on her condition and has encouraged her to keep a video diary. But as secrets emerge and her doubts and suspicions grow, she begins to believe that she can trust nobody! Produced by Ridley Scott and adapted by ’28 Weeks Later’ writer Rowan Joffe from S.J. Watson’s international bestseller, this an absorbing, tautly-scripted twisty-turny mystery. Leading a classy cast, Kidman and Firth cement the working partnership they established so effectively on ‘The Railway Man’.

(15) – contains strong violence and language

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