Thursday 13th October @ 8pm

[£6-£8] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

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Viggo Mortensen stars in an enthralling, award-winning drama about a father who raises his children in isolation.

Idealistic counter-culturalists Ben (Viggo Mortensent) and Leslie (Trin Miller) have raised their six children as far from civilisation as they can get. In the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, the brood learn survival skills and explore radical politics in the absence of computers and television. But their lives change dramatically in the wake of a family tragedy. Embarking on the long journey to New Mexico for a funeral, Ben and his cildren are forced to engage with the wider world for the first time.

Matt Ross’s provocative, moving, non-judgemental and often very funny Cannes Festival award-winning culture shock drama raises important questions about parenthood. It also benefits from what has been described as one of Viggo Mortensen’s career best performances as the loving and principled yet over-protective father.

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