Friday, 30th September @ 8pm

[£6-£8] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

Everyone’s favourite chilled out entertainer is back as Ricky Gervais’ classic comedy creation David Brent makes his big screen debut – as hilariously inappropriate and tactless as he ever was!

In the years since his sacking from Slough’s finest paper merchants Wernham Hogg, David has become a sales rep peddling cleaning products to all who will listen. However as before, his real passion lies in rock and roll, and David has returned to his musical roots touring with his band Foregone Conclusion. As they travel the length and breadth of Britain, it seems that the hapless David is determined to keep his musical dream alive.

Having first been unleashed on the world in timeless comedy series The Office, David Brent now makes a bid for global stardom as Ricky Gervais’ brand of hilariously painful humour arrives on the big screen. Returning for the movie is Ben ‘Doc Brown’ Smith, seen in the hilarious ‘Equality Street’ music video.

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