Wednesday 12th February @ 8:00PM

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Taika Waititi has managed to do the impossible by telling a story centered around a boy named Jojo trying to learn how to be a Nazi in order to join the ranks of the Nazi regime. Add in the fact that the young boy’s imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler (played by Takia Waititi) and you get a concept that is sure to ruffle some feathers. But the concept is not meant to really ruffle any feathers, but instead a story of a boy growing up to learn the differences between right and wrong. While loaded with hilarious satirical humour, it manages to make sure the dramatic moments hit where they need to most. In short, Waititi manages to do the impossible in creating a movie that should not work with many people but has all the right elements in the right places to create a powerful movie (Silver Screen Inside Review).

Nominated for 6 British Academy Awards and for 6 Oscars including Best Picture.

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