Thursday 18th July 8pm

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French film English subtitles

Set in 1950s France, POPULAIRE is the extraordinary tale of Rose, a shopkeeper’s daughter who dreams of escaping the trappings of her small village and a lifetime of drudgery as a housewife. Determined to make something of herself, Rose travels to Normandy to try out for a job as a secretary. Interviewing the scores of female candidates is the charming Louis, a confirmed bachelor and one-time unsuccessful sportsman. Lacking the necessary style and grace to perform the role Rose’s interview is a disaster but at the last minute she reveals a special gift – she is a speed demon on the typewriter! Seeing an opportunity to re-live his glory days as a competitor, Louis employs Rose and begins an intensive training regime to get her ready to compete in the country’s cut-throat typing contests. Displaying an eye-popping visual style and dazzling costumes, POPULAIRE is a chic and sumptuous romance, sparkling with vintage Hollywood charm.

Consumer Advice: Contains a moderate sex scene

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