Wednesday 22nd April 8PM

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David Oyelowo excels as Martin Luther King in this brilliant account of a key moment in the US civil rights struggle. Spring, 1965. The small town of Selma, Alabama, has become the unlikely flashpoint for the struggle for racial equality. Astute strategist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King Jr (David Oyelowo) knows that the most effective use of non-violence is to provoke a violent response. He selects Selma for a protest march because of its racist governor George Wallace (Tim Roth) and the brutality of its police force. Ava DuVernay’s insightful, profoundly moving drama captures the political chicanery surrounding this turning point for the civil rights movement. It also works superbly on a smaller, human scale as a portrait of a flawed man. At the film’s centre are magnificent performances by a quartet of British actors: David Oyelowo, Tim Roth, Carmen Ejogo as King’s wife Coretta, and Tom Wilkinson as President Johnson.

Consumer advice: 12A – contains moderate violence, racist language and infrequent strong language

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