Wednesday 17th August @ 3pm and Thursday 18th August @ 4pm

[£6-£8 (£4.50-£6)] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

The makers of “Despicable Me” present a delightful new adventure focusing on our beloved animal companions.

Max is a pampered terrier living the high life with his owner Katie in a swish Manhattan apartment. When their owners are away, Max and his fellow animals love to engage in non-pet behavior including raiding the fridge for decidedly tastier food. However, his routine is turned upside down when Katie brings back a slobbering mutt named Duke from the pound to come and live with them. Nevertheless, these two squabbling pooches must learn to get on when they end up lost in New York. It’s time for an animal posse, led by Pomeranian Gidget to find their friends and save the day.

The creators of the Despicable Me movies and Minions show us what our pets get up to behind closed doors in this funny and endearing animated adventure.

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