Wednesday 1st November @ 7:30pm - doors open at 7:00pm

[£5.00 (£2.50) plus £1.00 booking fee per ticket] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]


Life changing ‘must-see’ film!

‘Tomorrow’ is one of those ‘feel good’ films that will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful at a time when the world can often feel a hard place to be. It’s been brought to Haslemere by resident Rebecca Jones, who felt so moved by it that she vowed to bring it to more people, and we’re delighted to support her in this, along with Transition Town Haslemere.

It tells the story of 2 French parents (and film-makers) who go on a mission to discover creative and workable solutions to a wide range of societal challenges, from education and food production to energy and economics.

Through inspiring stories from around the world, film-makers Cyril Dion & Mélanie Laurent show that it’s totally possible to change the way we live to benefit people and planet.

At a time when the world’s challenges can feel overwhelming and too big to solve, ‘Tomorrow’ will bring you hope, and inspire, empower and re-energise you. To quote the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s required viewing”.

Tickets are priced lower than normal to reflect the non profit- making, community-driven ethos of the film and Rebecca’s vision to enable more people to see it. A proportion of ticket sales will help to cover the cost of the licence, which has been funded by Transition Haslemere. Any surplus over that will be put towards supporting sustainable community projects.


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