Thursday 17th January @ 8:00PM

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Tulip Fever is a 1999 novel by British author Deborah Moggach, set in 1630s Amsterdam.

The city is in the grips of tulipomania, as people everywhere are fascinated by the exotic flower. But wealthy merchant Cornelis Sandvoort (Christoph Waltz) only has eyes for his young wife Sophia (Alicia Vikander).

When the couple’s hope for an heir is dashed, as a way to preserve their pairing forever, Cornelis commissions a portrait of them from a talented young artist named Jan van Loos (Dane DeHaan). This opens the door to a forbidden passion between the beautiful Sophia and the artist that Cornelis brought into their house.

This film explores themes including deception, vanity, and complex relationships between master and servant, and the role of art in the world.

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