Saturday 18th August @ 1:00PM & 7:00PM

[£9] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

The Whiskey Affair continues it’s nationwide tour by returning to Haslemere on Saturday 18th August! Coming on the back of their hugely successful Brighton, Guildford, Reading and Southampton events, it’s a lively and fun night out for any fans of whiskey where they can discover new brands and blends. With the event split into four sections – scotch, bourbon, whiskey and whiskey cocktails – there’s something for all levels of knowledge.

The event takes place at Haslemere Hall, Bridge Rd, Haslemere, GU27 2AS from 1pm to 5pm for the afternoon session, and 7pm to 11pm for the evening session. Tickets are £9 each online now.

This new festival started in London in 2015 and moved nationwide in 2016, with 2018 promising to be even bigger and better! It originated from a simple idea: to allow people to comprehensively explore the world of whiskey against a backdrop of good music, good fun and a sense of inclusiveness for any level of knowledge. For the Whiskey Affair Haslemere, they’ve stepped it up another gear. Alongside live music and representatives from the brands, they’ve got tasting sessions, free samples from a number of new brands, and an array of spectacular moonshines from the guys at Shine London (warning: it packs a punch!) All these factors and more mean you’re in for a great night and even friends and partners with no interest in whiskey can sample the cocktail menu and still enjoy the night. Who knows – with a variety of whiskeys ranging from smooth bourbons to spiced whiskies, you may even be able to change their minds…

Organisers are keen to evangelise about the whiskey possibilities and share their enthusiasm with a wide audience: Back when we started our affair with whiskey, we had so many friends who were knowledgeable about different whiskeys and were often lost as to where to start.

We wanted to dip our toes into the differences and similarities within the brands and learn how to judge which ?nishes and ages suited our tastes more but we wanted to do so with friends and have a good night out at the same time! There are some wonderful, smaller independent distillers involved next to household names so there is a true mix of brands to sample. We’ll have wonderful live music and speakers to provide our entertainment for the sessions and a photo booth will allow a permanent (and occasionally risqué!) memory of the event.

It’s going to be great fun and we can’t wait to share it!

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