Theophanu of Byzantium: the unknown woman who ruled Europe

Tuesday 19th May 11am

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2015 marks the tenth anniversary of Angela Merkel becoming the Chancellor of Germany.If you rewind the tape by about 1000 years there was another remarkable young woman who ruled much of Western Europe, but few people in England have ever heard of her. She was from Byzantium and was married in Rome, as a very young teenager, to the Emperor, Otto II. It was a marriage of political significance. As Regent, she faced intrigue, betrayal, and powerful enemies but she brought to the task political, artistic and cultural acumen and helped to shape Europe. This lecture explores her eventful life and through an analysis of her artistic contributions to Western European culture, suggests ways in which contemporary politicians might learn from her extraordinary example.

The Rt Revd Dr Christopher Herbert was enthroned as Bishop of St Albans in January 1996. He entered the House of Lords in December 1999 and left 10 years later on his retirement. His other major interest is in Art History. He is a NADFAS lecturer, and lectures across the UK and northern Europe

This event is at the Haslemere Museum

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