Grenfell Tower Disaster Concert

Friday 14th July @ 7:45PM

[£9.50] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

Friday 14th July @ 7:45PM

All of us were shocked by the appalling fire in the Grenfell Tower Block. I know, also, that many people will want to help. So, with the support of Malcolm Carter, the Town Mayor, Haslemere Parish and Haslemere Festival are putting on a fund-raising concert in St Christopher’s Church on Friday 14th July at 7.45 pm.  Tickets are £10 (including booking costs) for Grenfell Tower Concert. Should you be unable to come and wish to make a donation, it can also be done through the Haslemere Hall by going to Grenfell Tower Donations. The government and other charities are stepping in so we will work out how best to direct our contribution so it reaches those most in need. The full programme will be released as soon as the artistes are booked.

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