Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th May, 7:30PM

[£10] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

1940s New Orleans, the times already changing. In the heart of the French Quarter, sensuous music plays all night in the bars and no-one cares about colour where money does the talking. Men get their kicks from cards, ten-pin and hooch-fuelled libidos, sporting general mid-20th century macho; and where women find a degree of liberation in the rawness and vitality of everyday life.

Enter Blanche Dubois, spat out from the Mississippi cotton plantations, destitute, in search of sister Stella, now married to Polish Stanley. The play portrays the unravelling, and ultimate dissection, of knotted lives as Stanley deals with his adulterous desire for Blanche by driving her out of the city – but not before possessing his sister-in-law as a chattel at a time when she is on the precipice of the chasm that has for years beckoned and mocked her attempts to stem her swirling insanity.

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