Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

Sunday June 21st 2pm & 6pm

[£10 (£7)] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

Angelina Ballerina…… Tyrone the Tap Dancer…… Maisie the Modern Dancer.
Steve the Street Dancer……. Foot & Mouth – the Song & Dance team.
Yes….none of them will be at the Haslemere Hall on Sunday June 21st.

But there will be dozens and dozens (and a few more besides) of very talented children ready, willing and able to demonstrate their vocal and terpsichorean abilities. They may even sing and dance for you.

Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!, like all of the previous shows in Haslemere Performing Arts’ forty-seven year history, is bold, brassy and brilliant.
It is also soothingly subtle and sublime. Fast paced but with time to reflect.
Moods from dreamy to dramatic; historical to hysterical. Music from Classical to Pop via Broadway and the night club. All enhanced by Haslemere Hall’s famed stage lighting and sound system.

Some of the children performing on Sunday June 21st will, in years to come, be seen in film, television or stage productions. Indeed, some have already performed in the West End and a number have gone onto the Royal Ballet School or into ‘the profession’.

Two performances: 2pm and 6pm. That way you can see it twice.

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