THE FREE-FROM SHOW: Sketches without Taste

Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th September @ 7:30PM

[£17] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th September @ 7:30PM

What does the Prime Minister really mean when she says “let me make this clear”? How tough has airport security really become? And how difficult is it to arrange an adulterous meeting when there are children to collect from the play-group? Find out the answers to these vital questions and many more in The Free-From Show – and enjoy a slap-up meal at the same time.

A never-to-be-repeated (we wouldn’t dare) collection of hilarious sketches, hysterical scenes and hair-raising songs from a cast of several, who will present an energizingly, educational evening of entertainment, enlightenment and edification… or not.

Don’t miss The Free-From Show – Sketches Without Taste, or you’ll regret it for years to come, well perhaps a few days, at least, or more likely an hour or so… Actually, to be honest, it’s probably best not to come at all. But if you do, please don’t bring your children – or anyone else’s.

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