The Producers [A]

21st to 25th October 7:30pm matinee 25th 2:30pm

[£7.50 - £15.00] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

The award-winning, comedy classic, The Producers, written by Hollywood’s comic genius, Mel Brooks, is a saucy musical romp featuring a zany cast of characters, complete with hilarious song and dance numbers. Max Bialystock is a washed-up, aging Broadway producer who excels at romancing rich little old ladies to finance his shows. When his timid accountant, Leo Bloom, reviews Max’s accounts, he calculates that if they raised more money than they actually needed and produced a sure fire flop – they could make a small fortune! Max and Leo find a script in the worst possible taste – Springtime for Hitler! – a musical written by the sincere but deranged Third Reich enthusiast, Franz Liebkind; they hire the flamboyant (and worst director on Broadway) Roger De Bris and a host of eccentric characters for the cast! As opening night draws near – what could possibly go wrong with the plan? Come and join The Haslemere Players in a riotous and risque evening of entertainment – it’s not “PC” – its definitely PG (contains mild swearing and comedic sexual references ) – but it’s certainly a must see!

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