Wednesday 31st August @ 4pm

[£6-£8 (£4.50-£6)] Buy tickets online or [box office: 01428 642 161]

The prehistoric posse are back for their fifth adventure – and this time they must save the planet!

When hapless, acorn-hunting rodent Scrat pursues his prized acorn into the depths of outer space, he sets off a chain of events that endangers the Earth! With a gigantic meteor hurtling towards the planet, it’s up to a plucky group of heroes to save the day. Enter Ice Age regulars in the form of woolly mammoth Manny, sloth Sid and saber-tooth tiger Diego, who must embark on their funniest and most spectacular adventure to date in order to save the Earth.

The fifth instalment of the blockbusting Ice Age franchise brings back all the delightful characters you know and love, with other returning faces including one-eyed Buck (Simon Pegg), Ellie (Queen Latifah) and Shira (Jennifer Lopez).

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